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10 Things You Can Do To Stay Sane During The Toddler Years

Raising toddlers is hard, sometimes mind-numbing work. (In other news, grass is green.) It’s also incredibly rewarding and amazing. Parents of toddlers don’t feel this way every day, but it is quite wondrous to be in charge of shaping a person. Our duties include many challenges that will try our patience levels, but there’s no reason why we have to be driven up a wall. Keep reading for 10 things you can do to stay sane while you raise your toddler.

1. Choose Your Battles Wisely

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There will be plenty of times when you have to give a forceful “no” or take a hard stance about something. It doesn’t have to be over every little thing. If your toddler wants to sleep naked (weather permitting) or drink from the blue sippy cup instead of the red one, let her. It’s no skin off your teeth. Parents of toddlers have to be willing to let go of little things. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your precious time having a battle of wills over things that don’t matter.