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Our Story Begins: The Extreme Guide to Parenting

(Photo - Bravo's Extreme Guide to Parenting Season One)

(Photo – Bravo’s Extreme Guide to Parenting Season One)

Our Story Begins:
The Extreme Guide to Parenting

We’ve had extreme dieting, extreme eating, extreme exercise, you name it, we’ll make it bigger, badder, harder. The newest “extreme” is apparently “The Extreme Guide to Parenting.” This, of course, is from our bastion of cultural icons “The Real Housewives of (insert fancy-pants suburb name here),” Bravo. Never one to shy away from a social media and reality programming train wreck, they’ve put together a season-long assortment of parents to make parenting “extreme.”  The show started this last week . . . and I’ve only seen the trailers. The parents: A holistic Shaman who thinks she can use crystals to cure her kids; a tiger mom who won’t let her kid be a wimp; a couple insistent on spending every waking hour with their kid – every . . . waking . . . moment.  Let that sink in a little. That’s just for starters in our world of extreme parenting.

I’m not particularly certain we need parenting to be extreme.

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Better yet . . . I’d argue that we parents – the Kardashians, Paltrows and Bravo stars of the world excepted – are already dealing with extremes. Think I’m kidding?

May it please the court (of public opinion) let me give you my arguments:

Count 1 - Sleep Deprivation

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We've all been here. Where the trailer for the Bravo show shows the smothering parents alongside the holistic parent and then the "tiger mom" . . . reality is that none of that improves our quality of sleep. Sure, the biggest period is the first several months, when the baby won't sleep through the night. But your 11-year-old shaking because of their nightmare at 2am is just as wearing. No crystal skulls from Indiana Jones or shamanistic chant will awaken us because - face it - we're worried too.

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