998701_10201460192687763_552542030_nMonday Morning Motivation:
Be An Architect, Not A Carpenter (VIDEO)



Hey all! Happy Monday!

I’m am on the run this Monday morning.. headed to Boston to check out colleges with my kid; by the way when DID she become a high school senior exactly?

Man, that time flew.

Anyway, today’s Monday Morning Motivation is coming to you from the place where it all began.. Good Enough Mother World Headquarters.. aka The Walk-In Closet.

I was having a heavy discussion with someone recently about how hard it is blazing your own path. She listened to me talk and then, with just a few words, reminded about WHY I am doing this.

Sit down with your cup of coffee, take a peek and let me know if you’ve ever felt this way before.

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So tell me.. are you the Architect or the Carpenter? Why or why not?