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The GEM Debate: The Price Of Public Venting… Is THIS Fair? (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 9.28.42 AMThe GEM Debate:
The Price Of Public Venting… Is THIS Fair? (VIDEO) 


I have to say, as someone who has spent the majority of her adult life/career in the public eye, I’m always a little surprised when people get spanked for doing something silly. That includes social media. ESPECIALLY on social media.

Today’s debate centers around a mother who, upset with her son’s preschool, took her complaint to Facebook. Ashley Habat says her Facebook page is private (oh, whenever will they LEARN?) and what she said was meant for her friends only.

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Ashley says the day after she posted this, she was asked to come into the office of the Sonshine Christian Academy where administrators told her that her four-year-old son Will, could no longer attend.




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After watching the video and reading more about the story, I’m left with a couple of thoughts.

1. FACEBOOK IS NEVER PRIVATE!  If you think what you post is for your eyes or the eyes of your friends only, you are deluding yourself. Privacy setting are confusing (just ask HER!). Furthermore, who’s to say one of your friend’s doesn’t screen shot your public spleen-venting and share it that way? Yes, it’s time to think of anything you do online as PUBLIC!

2. WHY TAG THE SCHOOL? WHA? HUH? I mean, okay so you’re mad because they didn’t give you enough notice about picture day (even though there was a note in your son’s backpack, according to the school). Why not do the mature thing and have a real life conversation with someone in the office about it? You know, with a smile on your face and the goal of closing what might be a communication gap? But to write something snarky and then tag them in it? That’s like poking the bear.

3. PICTURE DAY IS OVERRATED: Okay now for a little Good Enough Mother advice. Picture day is important. But don’t you want to capture your kids how they appear most day of their childhood? You know, in a jersey shirt with cargo pants and in need of a  hair cut. No? Just me? The point is there are things worth stressing about in this journey of parenting and others you just need to let rinse off in the shower. I think picture day falls in the latter category.

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I do hold Ashley responsible for being short-sighted and not understanding the top 2 of those reasons (the 3rd may be a matter of personal preference). But the real victim of her ire is her own son, who is now left to wonder why he wasn’t a good fit for the school.

Okay what do you think? Should Ashley Habat’s son been kicked out of the school for his mother’s posting? If you were one of her friends, what would you tell her?
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