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10 Subtle Signs That You Might Be A Helicopter Parent

If you’re familiar with Good Enough Mother, then you know that around here perfect parenting is overrated, not to mention utterly impossible. Of course, we all do more than we can physically and emotionally for our children and run ourselves ragged in the process. Most of us do at least a little helicopter parenting. You might not be the parent who emails your children’s teacher every day or the parent who cuts your 10-year-old’s pancakes, but there are other ways you might be flying over your kids and keeping them from growing. Read on for 10 subtle signs that you might be a helicopter parent.

1. You Are Physically Present, But Psychologically Absent

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The physically present parents may have their kids in lots of activities, do lots of things with and for their kids, or rarely do adult activities because everything is for the kids. However, that doesn’t mean that the parents are emotionally investing in their children. They may be damaging their children in an effort to keep up with the Joneses or crushing their spirits with a narrow definition of success.