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Top Talker: Oops – That Nude Pic Wasn’t Meant For You, Dad!

Photo Credit: @dearfashionn

Photo Credit: @dearfashionn

Top Talker:
Oops – That Nude Pic Wasn’t Meant For You, Dad!

We’ve discussed the matter of teaching kids about being aware of what they post on social media. An incident that happened this week has really got me thinking more about this topic.

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You may have seen the reports where a young woman sent a nude photo of herself via text message to her dad instead of to her boyfriend. EVERY parent’s worst nightmare just came true for that daddy.

Here’s the thing. She knew right away that she’d made the mistake and she immediately sent tweets out from her @dearfashionn account asking her followers if there was any way that she could recall the message somehow.

Well, we ALL know, or we most certainly SHOULD know by now, that once you send a message anywhere…it’s there. Not a thing you can do about it. Even if you delete it. Guess what? It’s still there on someone’s phone somewhere! There are things which cannot be undone and hitting “send” or “post” is one of them.

Before she knew it, she started receiving a flow of text messages from her dad and posted pictures of those messages on Twitter.

And, instead of responding to her dad who continued sending messages, the girl continued to post photos of his text messages to her on Twitter.

It’s bad enough that the young woman made the mistake in the first place, but was it necessary to share the mistake all over Twitter? Hmm…I’m thinking NO. Sure, she’s all of a sudden got over 24K followers on Twitter because of this “incident” but what does this say about her decision-making skills?

As a mother of a tween daughter who’s recently been allowed to dip her toes [albeit, barely] into the world of Social Media, I am completely horrified by this story. I’d like to think my daughter would never do something like this because we’ve talked about and she knows that pulling a stunt like that can and will follow her into her adult years. The ramifications of sharing your poor decision to take a nude photo of yourself on your smart phone doesn’t say a whole lot about your character. And I’m quite certain that a company would think twice about hiring this girl after she pulled a stunt like this.

So, let’s hear it from you, GEM Readers. What would you do if your daughter pulled a stunt like this?

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