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Tales From A Twin Mom:

A relative of mine (an exuberant fitness enthusiast) and I were talking about different exercises that I could start practicing in order to get fit. Apparently, when my friend comes around, I seem to have things in order so well that it looks as though exercise is the last great thing that would complete my daily routine. Although I’m on the thin side, I must not give the impression that exercise is something I actively seek out. As she went on and on about the wonderful advantages to daily exercise, I couldn’t help but have a grin on my face. It seems that being a parent of multiples has made me more fit than I could have ever imagined. See for yourself – I don’t think I’m doing a bad job at all.


Upper Body Exercises

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I must say-I have arms of steel. I carried two car seats weighing over 9 lbs each from day one. Rarely did I do it one at a time. As hard as it was to carry these ladies, an extra trip to the car was as undesirable as leaving a child unattended in the car for one second. Did I stop when they got heavier? No. I now have the best looking arms I have ever had. When they grew out of their car seats and wanted to be picked up, I carried them both at once whenever possible. Of course, I held my babies twice as much as any parent of singletons because I always felt that one had a tiny bit less affection than the other that day. Call me the Bionic Mother please.