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Mom’s Must Read:
Four Hot Beach Reads for Mom

It’s summer and you’re at the beach. Why read something heavy and thought provoking (translation: homework) when what you really want to do dive into drink a fruity tropical drink with a little umbrella (love those things) and read a completely light and breezy book.

I’m a big believer in beach reads. While I can’t subsist on them all year, just like I can’t dine on donuts all year; but there is definitely a time and place for beach reads. I’m heading to the subtropics myself soon and always pack at least ONE beach read. Here are four titles for the beach babe (at least for the moment) in you.


1. All Fall Down By Jennifer Weiner

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I love all things Jennifer Weiner. Jen is a local girl (Philly in the house!) who has a brain and knows how to use it. What I love about her books is that they're smart and funny and endearing. Just like Jen. She's your girlfriend next door. And her characters are just as relatable as she is. All Fall Down is a bout a working mother who discovers that she's got an to pain pills addiction. Sound like anyone you know? Of course! It could be you or your neighbor. That's what makes these titles so great.

So while this book isn't about people at the beach, no one does redemption and empowerment better than Jen. That's why she's my Homegirl. And she's awesome on Twitter. Check her out.