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In Case You Missed It:
Friday Roundup

As much as you love Good Enough Mother, we know you might not be able to read it all. We want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the great topics we touched on, so we thought we’d give you a roundup of some of our hottest stories from this past week.

Enjoy the roundup and have a great weekend!

Creative Commons/David Long

Creative Commons/David Long

We all want to raise children who will one day share our important values and who will make responsible decisions. This week’s 10 From GEM looks out 10 Ways To Raise Down-To-Earth Kids.


Good Enough Mother® - Rene Syler


Rene dispenses motivation every Monday to get you through the week. This week, she shares five of her favorite lessons from having her life turned inside out and upside down. Check out Monday Morning Motivation: 5 Things To Help You Through A Monday (And Life!)


Blonde Woman on Her Cell Phone with Stressed Look on Her Face.

You absolutely must read Single Mom Slice of life:
A Tough Choice – I Love You Son, But I Don’t Respect You. This is Wendy Syler Woodward’s heartbreaking story of the tough decision she had to make about her son.


Creative Commons/Jacques LeSinge

Creative Commons/Jacques LeSinge

How far would you go to make your kids happy? This father is trying to establish a kingdom in Africa so that his daughter can be a real princess. Take a look at The GEM Debate: Should This Dad Get A Kingdom For His Princess?





We all love summer, but we don’t love the damaging effects it can have on our hair. Never fear—we can do something about it. Take a peek at Beauty From The Inside Out: Conditioners That Repair Your Summer Hair.



Picture it: You’re planning your destination wedding and your sister makes a request that you postpone the big day to accommodate her. What do you do? Rene gives us her take on Ask Rene: My Sister Wants Me To Move MY Wedding Date For Her!


Orange Ribbon for Leukemia with copy space

We like to present the full picture and spectrum of motherhood here at Good Enough Mother. That often includes the parts that are not the stuff of Hallmark commercials. Real life is real hard and at the moment, I cannot think of a more poignant example of this than Loriana Hernandez-Aldama. She is a wife, mother, and former news anchor and she’s currently fighting leukemia. Take a look at her touching video on A Mom’s Cancer Chronicles: In The Beginning.