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Top Talker: Mila Kunis Says “We” Are Not Pregnant!


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Top Talker:
Mila Kunis Says “We” Are Not Pregnant!

Ever been slightly annoyed when you hear men say that “we” are pregnant? Mila Kunis, who is pregnant, shares your consternation. In a skit that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she gave a public service announcement for all expectant dads.

Kimmel, whose wife is expecting their first baby talked about anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy saying, “My wife and I are pregnant. We are having a baby very soon, as well.” To which Kunis replied sarcastically, “Oh, you’re both having a baby? You and your wife are pregnant?”

Take a look at the video:




I know this all in good fun, but I’m always amused by men who use the pronoun we when referring to their significant others’ pregnancy. My husband never said it. He is, after all, still alive. Kidding! But seriously, if he had ever said something like that, I’m sure I would have asked him if he is also vomiting, suffering from migraines, sciatica, compressed organs—a whole grab bag of assorted physical ailments. Because it always seemed like just me. I may or may not have held a grudge against him when I was pregnant because his life went on as usual and mine was heavily altered. So I’m with Mila: “we” are not pregnant.

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What do you think? Should dads-to-be stop saying “we’re pregnant” or are they allowed to share the experience that way? Take the poll and share your thoughts below.


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