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Top Talker: New Trend: Grandma Baby Showers


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Top Talker:
New Trend: Grandma Baby Showers

Apparently, baby showers aren’t just for moms-to-be anymore; grandmas can have baby showers, too, and the number of people doing it is on the rise.

This is a growing trend because, “Our generation is in a better situation financially. And, a lot more of our children are going back to work after having the baby, so we’re babysitting more and need to stock the house with gear,” says Colleen Rickenbacher, a party planner and author of etiquette books, who is also a grandmother of three.

For some people, a grandma baby shower is practical and logical because so many grandmothers act as nannies and babysitters and need essential items such as highchairs, cribs, strollers, and car seats.

Grandma baby showers are done much the same way as traditional baby showers with food, drink, and games. The mom-to-be may or may not be there, however, it should never interfere with the actual baby shower. Gifts are appreciated, but a registry may be a little too much. The shower is supposed to be casual—it’s usually reserved for Grandma’s friends who are grandparents themselves or hope to be soon.

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Far be it for me to say how someone else should handle these things, but the idea of a grandma baby shower just seems like way too much. To me, it seems bizarre and rude to ask people to buy multiple gifts for the same baby.

I’m curious to know how one goes about making a grandma baby shower happen. Does Grandma suggest it to her friends? Do the friends decide to throw Grandma a party? It’s very lovely that some people want to support their friends becoming grandmothers, but I wonder why the partygoers feel the need to make a production out of it.

Every time I was pregnant, my mother’s friends—especially the ones who I’ve known my whole life—would send gifts or were invited to the baby shower. A coworker of my mother’s, whom I had never met, crocheted a blanket and gave it to my mother to give to me. She was excited for my mother and did a nice thing as a way of congratulating her. It was by no means a gift for my mother to have at her house or to defray the cost of keeping my children.

My mother took care of my two daughters for two years each. I bought diapers, wipes, food, formula, extra clothes and whatever else my mother needed for them. I picked up extra items like toddler beds and play yards either from thrift stores or I got them used from friends. It didn’t occur to me that my mother’s friends could or should buy things for my children. It was my responsibility to see that my mother had everything she needed to babysit.

If people are looking for an excuse to get together, then they can celebrate without stealing the mom-to-be’s thunder. I’m just not sure why Grandma needs to be the guest of honor at such an event. Grandma baby showers feel like a clever marketing ploy that too many people are buying into.

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What do you think of grandma baby showers? Would you host or participate in one? Share your thoughts below.


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