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Top Talker: Adam Levine Does “The Apology Tour”


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Top Talker:
Adam Levine Does “The Apology Tour”

Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine is set to marry Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo on July 19. But before he walks down the aisle, he is said to be attempting to apologize to some of his exes for how he treated them. He formerly dated models Anne V and Nina Agdal. This is his effort to start married life with a clean slate.

Apparently, Levine has been a bit of a cad in his relationships. He dated Anne V for two years before they broke up in 2012. He was “blindsided” when she ended the relationship in a statement, suggesting that she had a reason for the public humiliation.

Levine went on to date Prinsloo for a year before splitting in early 2013. He then dated Nina Agdal, had a change of heart, rekindled his relationship with Prinsloo, and followed it with a quick proposal. The problem is that he didn’t properly end his relationship with Agdal before getting engaged to someone else. He avoided her phone calls and broke the news via text message.

“He apologized for how he treated them,” an insider tells Us Weekly. But apparently neither wanted to hear it, with the source adding: “They couldn’t care less he wants to make it right.”

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Levine’s actions are self-serving and passive-aggressive. He wants to make himself feel better and assuage his guilt about behaving badly by approaching these women who have either moved on or are still moving on. He proposed to Prinsloo in July of last year, so Agdal’s relationship with him began and ended pretty quickly. It must have been upsetting to be dating someone one minute, then find out that he’s avoiding you and planning to marry someone else. I don’t blame Agdal or Anne V for having none of it.

In my dating days, I would have been so annoyed if someone I had broken up with called to apologize for his bad behavior and let me know that he’s marrying another woman. It’s so presumptuous, too, because he would have to think I’ve been unable to move on without him. Even if I had not moved on, he might be opening a wound by contacting me. It serves no purpose.

Levine’s actions are the ultimate sorry-not-sorry apology. Don’t unburden yourself on anyone when it’s not helpful or useful to that person. If you want absolution for your sins, go see your priest.

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What would you think if an ex reached out to you before he/she marries someone else? Share your thoughts below.

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