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Products From The Samsung Smart Home (VIDEO)


When I was a kid and cartoons came on every Saturday morning (yes, I know your head just exploded; cartoons ONCE A WEEK?!) one of my favorites was The Jetsons. Set in some futuristic time, this cartoon followed the lives of dad George, mom Jane, Daughter Judy and son Elroy as they went about their daily lives. The thing that was cool and always good for a giggle was the products that they used to make their lives easier, like, oh.. a flying car.

While some of those things were far-fetched then and remain far-off, others are not. Introducing the Samsung Smart Home, which aims to make our lives better through the use of technology. The goal of the Smart Home is to be able to operate several aspects of the house on one, integrated platform.

The other day I headed into Manhattan to see, up close and personal, a number of Samsung products for the Smart home. Here are the things that caught my eye.

1. The Samsung Baby Care Washer

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Whoa! New parent alert! Samsung has a washing machine designed just for baby bums! It's .9 cu.ft, has superior rinsing and cleanses at higher temperatures. Compact enough to fit in small places.