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Raising Gaybies: Why Sister Sledge Had It Right All Along!

male couple and familyRaising Gaybies:
Why Sister Sledge Had It Right All Along! 

We just arrived in Barcelona Spain with our family for a long vacation. While on our flight to Spain, I read a fascinating article in The New York Times  about “finding comfort and safety as a gay traveler.” The author, Steven McElroy who admits he is gay, recounts his trip to Jamaica and the subsequent harassment and abuse he received from hotel staff because of that. The hotel chain responds by stating, “We are not gay-friendly because our hotel is a family resort.”



What does that mean?

I am growing despondent over the meaning of family.

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First off, as a writer for the New York Times, he’s not too bright. A simple internet search would reveal the homophobia in Jamaica and other Caribbean nations.

Second and more importantly, I don’t let this kind of hatred get to me anymore. I admit I used to – but now – I feel more empowered. My hunch is because many people don’t appear to raise their hackles thereby end up treating me as equal – instead of a freak of nature or an outcast. As for my reaction to homophobia or just plain discrimination, I just confront it.

For example, a few years ago,  I remember checking into a hotel with my husband in a Houston, Texas. The woman at check-in looked at me like I had a deformity on my face when I said, yes a king bed.. How many times do I have to say it.. King bed. She look dazed and very confused. My mind was racing with quotes like, “You want to know why?  “Cause we are going to sleep together, you idiot.”  I didn’t say that but the cadence in my tone of voice got message got across.

pic barcelona 2

Michael and Bennett’s children,
Gregory and Lilliana 

In today’s world, hating anyone for their sexual orientation or if they are of a different color or ethnicity will get you in big trouble. Look at what happened when Danny Glover hailed a cab in NYC – and the drivers wouldn’t stop. How about when the Sultan of Brunei decided to engender anti gay laws – his hotel chain took a dive. Or what about getting a DWB – look it up.

Look, I am not an ostrich – I see what goes on – the looks – a second glance – but I can tell you that at least here in Spain, people don’t seem to care. And if they did raise an eyebrow – I might educate them.

You see,  it may sound corny but we are all big family.  – a mass of people who can enjoy and share this planet with love and peace – so you kiss a boy – or a girl – who cares – family is the people you surround yourself with – that love you and love you back.

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What about you; how do you define family?

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