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Monday Morning Motivation: Run With The Big Dogs…No Matter Your Size! (VIDEO)

Think Big Sign Displays Encouraging Large Goals and DreamsMonday Morning Motivation:
Run With The Big Dogs…
No Matter Your Size!  (VIDEO)


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

Well, here we are, smack dab in the middle of the year. We have as much behind us as we do ahead of us.

How you feelin’ about that?

Did you accomplish some of the things you thought you might by now? Did you give them the ol’ college try?

Did you, gasp, FAIL?

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You know how we feel about failure around here, right? Yeah it’s painful but there is something worse; not trying at all.

“They’re too big.”

“They’re too fast.”

“I’ll never win.”

“I might as well not even try.”

Well then you need to be more like Fenton.

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Fenton, is a Labrador and you KNOW how I love my labs!

My son, Cole showed me this video the other day and I’m telling you I laughed so hard, I cried. Then I watched it again and again and again, convinced there is a deeper message.

Yes. From Fenton the lab.

Well, watch for yourself.



Funny right? But there’s more to this.

You see Fenton didn’t listen (though he SHOULD have) to the people telling him he couldn’t chase deer much larger than him. He didn’t let the fact that there were several deter him either.

He just…


And ran and ran and ran.

Lord knows what he was going to do when he got to them though he probably would have figured it out when he did. But the point is he was going to get there and he was not going to stop running until he did.

How many times in your life have you been like Fenton? Singularly focused on a goal and, like a dog with a bone, refuse to let up until you achieve it? How many times in your career have you NOT been like Fenton, opting instead to give up before you really give it a try?

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Fenton didn’t do some fancy cost-to-benefit analysis of what it was going to take to “win”; he just went for it. It was instinctive.

Sometimes we let our tendency to over-analyze things get in the way of just doing it; hey, I do the same thing.

But as I told someone recently, when you’re trying to accomplish big things, you really have to beat back that self-doubt or it will cripple you.

How do I know? Take a guess.

So today’s marching orders are to be more like Fenton; to chase after a goal that is bigger than you could have imagined.

Hey, you never know.. you just might achieve it. Even if you don’t, you will learn in the process!

Happy Monday!

How about you? Have you ever successfully chased a goal that you thought you would never achieve? How did it feel when you finally did?

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