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Monday Morning Motivation: If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It!

 photodune-992868-businessman-drawing-shortcut-to-success-xsMonday Morning Motivation:
If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It!


Hola all! Happy Monday!

I’m starting out this week on vacation with the kids and man, did we need it!

You know what isn’t taking a break? My physical fitness.

Oh sure it has in the past; in fact the last several years of my life I’ve struggled to find some way to get back into shape but, as anyone who travels knows, trying to maintain a fitness regimen on the road is difficult. But with nearly a month off from Sweet Retreats, I decided to get serious.

Truth be told, my typical physical fitness routine is to jump on the stair master at a pace, juuuuuust tough enough to sweat a little bit but still watch TV. I would do it for 30-45 minutes, add a few weights, typically the same exercises and call it a day.

That was not cutting it.. and that’s really not a surprise, is it?



In the gym, even on vacation!

Figuring something had to change, I enlisted the help of a trainer with a reputation for transforming the bodies of some well-known celebrities. Needless to say, Nicole Sanders is Kicking.My.BUTT! I’ve Instagrammed a few videos and photos of the workouts with the hashtag, #IfItWereEasyEveryoneWouldDoIt.

Yes. This—> If it were easy everyone would do it.

The first time I heard this, I was working as reporter/anchor in Birmingham, Alabama and the context then, as now, was about physical fitness. The sports anchor and I had been talking about staying in shape. He mentioned to me, the sacrifice that was involved with that (Hello diet? Exercise?). When I moaned about it, he looked at me and said, “Rene look; if it were easy everyone would do it.”

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Of course he was right. If it were easy, the entire world would be made up of people who look like Hugh Jackman; instead more of them look like Jack Nicholson.

UGH! How can the truth be so simple yet so elusive at the same time? You want your body to look different? You want your career to be different? You better get comfortable with going above and beyond.

Not for a day. Not for a month. Every.Single.Day.

I see this mindset a lot, not just in physical fitness but blogging too. I wish I had a dollar for every person who told me they were going to start a blog, then went gung-ho out of the gate, only to have it die on the vine a month later. Or I’ve seen seasoned bloggers wonder aloud why they’re not getting opportunities with some of the bigger brands, yet their content is lacking. They make the mistake of treating blogging, branding or entrepreneurship like any other longtime job, assuming they will to to great just by time and grade.

They assume they’ll be rewarded because:

* They were first.

* They’ve been doing it a long time.

* In their minds, they deserve it.

Yeah.. it doesn’t work like that.

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The fact is there simply are no short cuts in life, career or physical fitness. Time to stop looking; just do the work.

For me, that means working WAY harder in the gym and every day, even while on vacation. For my brand, that means writing everyday, going to events and making contacts that I can partner with in the future.




So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation.. take a look at your life and career. Are you doing the same thing over and over again, thinking it will get you to the next level? Are you on the stair master barely breaking a sweat and wondering why your clothes are still tight? Are you doing the same thing on the job and wondering why you keep getting passed for promotion?

Today’s challenge is to work hard, break a sweat EVERY DAY and see where that takes you.

How will you switch it up?

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