recite-13500--2140949287-1rs4qhdMonday  Morning Motivation: Give Up, Give In Or Get Going.. Which Will You Do?

Hola and good Monday morning to you! Hope you’re waking up on the right side of the bed today! I’m wrapping the last of two, Sweet Retreats shoots; Newport, Rhode Island and Provincetown, Massachusetts and having a ball doing it. I always feel so fortunate because I learn so much, not just about the locations but about people, in particular our cast (we spend an intense three days together so we get to know each other fairly well). Remember when we filmed in Boston last year? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory.


Mike and Michelle Fink and me: Sweet Retreats.. Boston

In Boston, our cast were Mike and Michelle Fink. Mike is a rancher in Lexington, Kentucky with a knack for telling it like it is. In driving around with he and Michelle, I picked up so many nuggets about life that I had to do a post about them, which you can find here. Mike dropped a lot of knowledge on me in the days that we were looking at rental properties in Boston and several of the things he said stuck with me so much so that I draw on them when times are tough. One of the things I learned from hanging with him (and others) is that no one gets through this life without a little bit of .. well.. CRAP.

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Michael, Lawrence and me: Sweet Retreats.. Provincetown

Our cast for the episode we’re shooting now, is a same sex couple, Michael and Lawrence. They met 20 years ago but were only able to get married less than two years ago. Anyway, when we were on set the other day Michael, who is in real estate, was telling me about how they, like so many of us, struggled through the recession. As you know real estate took a huge hit and along with that, his income. It also happened at a time when he and Lawrence were taking care of additional family members. So not only were they trying to keep a roof over their own heads, they had others, who could not work, relying on them too. Michael told me he went to his employer and said he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to ride out the lean times and that didn’t just encompass selling properties. Each night he stayed after work to clean the office (yes, even the restrooms), he gave up his weekends to do the landscaping and so on. You get the picture, right? No job was beneath him and he dug in deep because he had to. Hanging in there, doing what he had to do paid off; Michael said last year was his most profitable year yet! My husband Buff and I are that way too; at one time in the not-too-distant past, he was a TV executive and I had a big, on-air gig. We’re not there anymore. But like Michael, we are digging in, doing what we must to generate income and build our respective empires.

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It’s not always easy; there are times we are both tired and frustrated. But remembering what Mike the rancher said, listening to Michael and seeing the results of his persistence reminded me that nothing stays the same. I, like you, have 3 choices: I can give up, give in or get going.

Guess which one I’m doing?!

What about you.. are you willing to dig in, to do what needs to be done when the going gets rough? Or are you still waiting for perfection in this imperfect life, having given up until it gets better? Like Michael, what have you had to do to keep things going?