Monday Morning Motivation:
3 Reasons You Must Manage Your Expectations


HEY! Happy Monday everyone!

I’m headed out to Newport, Rhode Island and Provincetown, Massachusetts for a 10-day swing, filming Sweet Retreats; by the way, have you “liked” our Facebook page yet?

Okay, so, question for you…how well do you manage expectations? Do you do it at all? Or do you have a picture in your head of what things are supposed to be like, then experience extreme disappointment when they don’t turn out that way?

The other day, Buff and I were walking a mile or so with laptops on our backs, headed to a coffee shop to get some work done.  It had been a pretty frustrating morning; we’d just found out that we needed $2500.00  worth of car repairs, news that couldn’t have come at a worse time.

(Side note: What IS the best time for $2500.00 in car repairs? Just wondering).

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“UGH this is not what I thought 51 was going to look like!” I said with a great deal of exasperation.

Then I looked over at my 60-something year-old husband and thought, this is probably not what he signed up for either.

But then I had a moment; more like a realization and it had to do with the type of person I am.

Am I the type to ever slow down? Do I ever see myself not working? Will I ever retire?

No, in all three instances. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to not be moving at break-neck speed all the time but the reality is I’m never not going to be working.

So along with that epiphany, here are 3 more reasons it’s absolutely critical to manage your expectations!

1. It's Ultimately A Waste Of Time

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It's not just a waste of time, it's also a waste of valuable resources. I have to say, Buff is MUCH better at this than I am. I do have a tendency to look backward, especially when times are tough. But, as a friend of mine told me recently, it's hard to write the next chapter of your life when you're busy rereading the last. So after my pity party is over, I pack up the table and chairs and get busy moving forward again.