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Live, Love, Blend: The #1 way to make Summertime Memories


Live, Love, Blend:
The #1 way to make Summertime Memories

Finding ways to keep kids busy during the summertime is easy. In fact, the hard part may be figuring out how to get them all the places they go… camp, vacation bible school, gymnastics, swimming, birthday parties… you get the idea. If your kids are like mine, they have so much going on all summer you have reminders constantly popping up on your phone to make sure you keep them all straight.

With so much going, on you wonder if any of it makes an impact. Which of these things will they look back on in years to come as something that made this summer special? Probably none of it. Oh, there may be a special friend or an event that leaves it’s mark, but there’s only one thing I know of that it truly an unforgettable right of passage for every family.


Nothing beats a road trip for providing hours of opportunity for random jokes and impromptu singalongs. We recently returned from a road trip with our 5 kids. One of the best lines that came from the back seat was in the middle of a discussion between our two youngest when the 8 year old said to her brother, “If we were the last 2 people on earth I would eat you.” We all laughed hysterically at the randomness of it. And then reflected on the fact that yes, she is a survivor and probably would eat a sibling if it came right down to it. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

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Road trips are my favorite place to talk to the teenagers about tough topics, like why they should wait to have sex, or how they really feel about the dad they rarely see. Those discussions have to be timed right, but given the fact that you have a captive audience, I’ve found no better place to talk. Just make sure to keep them fed. For some reason teenagers open up better when they have snacks.

Our recent trip was 16 hours each way, and I loved the fact that if you didn’t know these 5 kids weren’t full-blooded siblings, you’d never be able to tell by looking. Blending was taking place right before my eyes as they shared headphones, snacks, blankets. We marveled at the beauty of God’s creation as we approached the Smokey Mountains. Okay, that was mostly me. They really just marveled at their phones. Ha!


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Think back to road trips you took as a kid. What do you remember most?

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