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Guest Posting: The Structure-Stress Ratio.. 10 Ways To Simplify Your Home Life

Work and Life Balance

Guest Posting:
The Structure-Stress Ratio..
10 Ways To Simplify Your Home Life

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or work outside of the home but we all know most parents have several “full time jobs.” Work, house, kids, laundry, pets, little league, cooking, laundry, lawn care, homework, bath time, meetings, laundry, doctor appointments, birthday parties, shopping…did I already mention laundry? Looking back on raising my children there are several things I wish I had begun doing so much sooner and other things I did that made my life so much easier and less stressful. Creating more structure in our homes is good for everyone…not just our children. Here are 10 ideas to increase structure and decrease stress:

2. Prepare School Lunches Each Evening

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I’ve always suggested that parents of ADHD children prepare their lunches rather than having them buy from school, but this is helpful for all children and a money saver. Why? Again…it’s a stress reducer because there is no waiting in lines or rushing to eat. Also, you have better control of your child’s nutrition. It’s fun to let them help shop for their lunches to ensure that they like what you’re preparing. And come on, no one eats food they don’t like so we need to get creative with healthy foods for our kids that they’ll actually EAT! Make sure your kiddo gets good protein in their lunch and lots of things are high in protein for lunch ideas (certain yogurts for example). And one more lunch tip: its sure fun to get a little note in your lunch! Sometimes an ‘I love you’, ‘way to go’, ‘have a great day’ and other times maybe a silly joke or riddle!

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