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The Structure-Stress Ratio..
10 Ways To Simplify Your Home Life

Whether you’re a stay at home parent or work outside of the home but we all know most parents have several “full time jobs.” Work, house, kids, laundry, pets, little league, cooking, laundry, lawn care, homework, bath time, meetings, laundry, doctor appointments, birthday parties, shopping…did I already mention laundry? Looking back on raising my children there are several things I wish I had begun doing so much sooner and other things I did that made my life so much easier and less stressful. Creating more structure in our homes is good for everyone…not just our children. Here are 10 ideas to increase structure and decrease stress:

10. Make Time For Family Exercise

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This is yet another thing I was not great at when my children were younger but I’m watching other families do this and I’m very impressed. One family I know takes a 30 minute walk after dinner every evening (weather permitting) with the family dog. This is not a big power walk! One kid is on his skate board, another on his bike and it’s pretty leisurely and they love it. A dad I know works out three days a week with his teenaged sons and another single parent does yoga with his kids. WOW! Spending time together, keeping a routine, developing healthy habits…can’t beat that!

Okay now, these are just things that have worked for me and my kids, my clients or other families I know. Have you tried any of these ideas? What works for your family? Tell us!