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Guest Posting: Couch After College? No WAY! 3 Reasons I WON’T Move Back Home


Guest Posting:
Couch After College? No WAY!
3 Reasons I WON’T Move Back Home

Anyone who has had the privilege of going to college can attest that it is a rich and profound experience. If you do it right, you go 100 mph the whole time, hopefully balancing studies and a social life. You get to have all of the freedom with relatively little responsibility. And finally, you finish. It feels very much like you are racing down the interstate and suddenly the car is thrown into reverse. The big question is this: what’s next?

My mother has often said that she wouldn’t want my gravestone to read, “Here lies Noah Mayhew of the home.” As a recent graduate of the Public Relations program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I offer three simple reasons that this absolutely will not happen.

2. We Don't Want To Be THAT Guy

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Look, we have spent some years in college and it was a fantastic experience. However, we are OVER it! And the last thing we want to do after spending those years married to books is to move back home. Is there anything shameful about needing support from mom and dad? Of course not; I may very well need it myself. Would being gainfully employed be far more appealing? Oh yes. But let's bottom line this: we want a job. We want to use the skills we've cultivated in college to become a bonafide, employed, card-carrying adult. If we darken your doorstep right after graduation, allow me to assure you that we don’t plan on doing so for long. Really now, who wants to live with mom and dad at age 30 if one can help it?

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