Guest Posting:
Couch After College? No WAY!
3 Reasons I WON’T Move Back Home

Anyone who has had the privilege of going to college can attest that it is a rich and profound experience. If you do it right, you go 100 mph the whole time, hopefully balancing studies and a social life. You get to have all of the freedom with relatively little responsibility. And finally, you finish. It feels very much like you are racing down the interstate and suddenly the car is thrown into reverse. The big question is this: what’s next?

My mother has often said that she wouldn’t want my gravestone to read, “Here lies Noah Mayhew of the home.” As a recent graduate of the Public Relations program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I offer three simple reasons that this absolutely will not happen.

1. We're Over The “Starving College Student” Thing

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This is the stereotype, I know. We are starving college students. We attend every event on campus possible for the sole purpose of the free pizza – and I’m here to tell you that it is always pizza. It is fairly cheap and almost universally appealing. In fact, on several occasions I walked away with entire, untouched, free pizzas. The thing is that we do not want to remain starving college students after graduation. Allow me to assure you, as a recent graduate, that we would very much prefer to secure income with which to live in our own residences and eat other food. And even if the food is delivered, the pot is made sweeter when it's to our own doors.

Just an aside to student associations: we appreciate the free pizza, but I would encourage you in the strongest possible terms to explore other catering options.