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What Should I Do About Mean Mommies?


Hi Rene:

I have twin, 12-year-old daughters and they have some of the same friends, but they’ve got some different ones too. One of my daughters had a sleepover with one of their mutual friends, let’s call her Katie. When she came home, she told me that she overheard Katie talking with her mom about her twin sister and she said Katie’s mom said some pretty mean things. She didn’t tell me what exactly was said because she says she couldn’t hear it.

I have a feeling that she did hear but maybe doesn’t want to spill it…but, I’m not sure.

In the meantime, I am furious with this parent and I’m not sure if I should confront her about the situation or if I should just let it go and see if anything like that ever happens again. Part of me wants so badly to give her a piece of my mind.

What’s your advice, Rene?

Fuming in Fresno


Dear Fuming:

Ugh. I hate this.. I man really, REALLY hate this. I can totally can see where you would be angry and upset; we tend to get that way when people hurt our kids. The sad part is that even though some people are grown-ups, they’re not grown UP, ya know? But just because they’ve behaved badly doesn’t mean you have to and I think this could ultimately prove to be a real teachable moment for your girls. So to that end, here’s how I would handle it if I were you.

1. Make Sure Your Daughter Is Okay

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First and foremost you need to make sure Katie is okay. While it's admirable that she is being brave and holding on to whatever she may have heard, we have to remember she is just 12-years-old; she hasn't lived long enough to put it all in proper perspective. You don't need to badger her but I would make sure she knows that you are there and ready to listen if she wants to share.