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What Should I Say To My Daughter
When She Asks Me THIS? 


Hi Rene:

My 8-year-old daughter is going through a phase where she asks me several times a day if I think she’s pretty. Of course, I think she is and I say so, but I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with it because I don’t like all this emphasis on looks. She has many qualities that I like to talk about. Should I keep telling her that she’s pretty or should I dodge the question?


Unsure in Utica



I’m not all that surprised to hear that you’re getting questions like this from your daughter , even at age 8. We live in a youth and beauty obsessed society. The good news is I think you have a real shot at changing her perception. So here’s what I would do in your circumstance:

4. What Would You Do?

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That’s my advice. Have you ever had to deal with questions like these from your kids? How did you handle it and what would you tell this worried mom to do?

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