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What Should I Say To My Daughter
When She Asks Me THIS? 


Hi Rene:

My 8-year-old daughter is going through a phase where she asks me several times a day if I think she’s pretty. Of course, I think she is and I say so, but I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with it because I don’t like all this emphasis on looks. She has many qualities that I like to talk about. Should I keep telling her that she’s pretty or should I dodge the question?


Unsure in Utica



I’m not all that surprised to hear that you’re getting questions like this from your daughter , even at age 8. We live in a youth and beauty obsessed society. The good news is I think you have a real shot at changing her perception. So here’s what I would do in your circumstance:

3. Explain Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

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Here's your chance to counter your daughter's peprception of what beauty is. One of the things I impress upon my kids and particularly my daughter, Casey is that what makes people beautiful is what's on the inside; who they are as people is far more important than having the in-hairstyle, right clothes or perfect eyebrows. External beauty and fashion are fleeting and you can prove that to your girl by showing her styles from decades ago. Times change, people age but internal beauty remains an attractive force.