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Our Story Begins: What are YOUR 11 Lessons for Your Kids?

Lessons Left for Your Children

 Our Story Begins:
What are YOUR 11 Lessons for Your Kids?

As I write this I have just finished reading what little press there was about the passing of the British actor Bob Hoskins.

If I tell you he played the character Eddie Valiant in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit you’ll likely know who he is.  If you have kids, you’ve likely heard “ppppppplease, Eddie!” more times than you care to remember. But this isn’t about Eddie Valiant or the movies. In the thrum of news for this week Hoskins’ loss didn’t sit above the fold of many papers. In fact, it was lost to Paul Simon and Edie Brickell getting into a fight; Kanye and Kim thinking about possibly, maybe, getting a marriage license; Megan Fox and whatever argument she’s having with director Michael Bay…and more pictures of the royal baby. His passing got lost and it’s a shame.

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It’s a shame because I think you need to know about who Bob Hoskins is what he left behind for his family, his kids in particular.

Not long after the family announced Hoskins’ passing his youngest daughter, Rosa, a successful writer and fashion designer, wrote a post on her blog: 11 Lessons from My Dad.

Bob Hoskins had an enormous heart and his daughter decided the world should know the 11 important lessons he gave her. You should click on the link, particularly because they’re really important lessons. Some are tailor-made for his daughter.  Others should just be a credo for kids the world around.

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It got me thinking. What eleven lessons would my kids get from me? What legacy would I leave behind if tomorrow, God forbid, I got hit by a bus or a meteor fell out of the sky onto my car?

Many of them would be similar to those my father and mother told me:

The Our Story Begins 11 Things My Kids Should Remember:

You Are Only As Good As Your Word

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You're only as good as your word. If you give it, you must keep it. My father told me this and any time I've followed his advice it's paid off.

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