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Monday Morning Motivation: How To Build A Brand In 5 Easy Steps

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 Monday Morning Motivation:
How To Build A Brand In 5 Easy Steps


Hola and Happy Monday!

Well, my peeps, as you read this, I am airborne; taking yet another fight to another part of the country to partake in another wonderful adventure this life has afforded me.

I can’t give you a whole lot of detail yet but I will soon..  but I will say this; I have been tapped to host a new talk show that will tape in LA. Okay, that’s all for now. But the reason I want to share even just that little bit is because I think it illustrates the point I want to make in today’s Monday Morning Motivation. The above picture depicts how I built Good Enough Mother. You see, Good Enough Mother, the brand, is right at the center; it is the engine that drives everything. The spokes represent offshoots of the brand, important, but they are merely a magnifier of the brand engine.

That’s my ultimate philosophy. No, I don’t have a marketing degree but I am a student of life and have learned a thing or two about maketing oneself. Here are the five things I think are absolutely mandatory if you plan on building a brand (of course, there are more but we’ll just focus on these five for now).

1. Identify Your Passion

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What is it that you really, REALLY love? It's critical to know this because this is the gas that will power your engine and get you through the times that you want to quit. And here's a little secret; there will be many of those. If your brand is not something you love, you're never going to be able to power past that point.


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Combing the aisles at Target in search of the best deal on Cheerios, it hit Rene Syler like the stench of a dirty diaper on a hot summer’s day. Not only is perfection overrated its utterly impossible! Suddenly empowered, she figuratively donned her cape, scooped up another taco kit for dinner and Good Enough Mother was born.

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