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Guest Posting: Grandma, Can You SEE Me Now? Using Technology To Keep In Touch


Guest Posting:
Grandma, Can You SEE Me Now?
Using Technology To Keep In Touch 


Being a mother or father is no easy task; you love, nurture and raise your kids and when they’re old enough, and then they leave to lead their own, independent, lives. Then it gets more difficult, because distance makes things tough.

Moms and dads want to hear about everything you have going on in your life, and love phone calls, updates, emails, and photos. But time is scarce, and with our own families to care for, and our demanding jobs, distance can seem even greater.

You want to be a better son or daughter, and you know you should call them or text them, but you keep putting it off.

Of course, distance is a feeling eeling close is something that can be achieved from a great distance, and likewise we can feel detached while living around the block. Being a better son or daughter by making your parents feel close is worth it, and that’s where technology can help by bridging the wide divide.

So, how can we use technology to keep our families more connected? Here are 5 quick ways to make it work for you!

1. Keep them in the loop with WhatsApp

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Mobile messaging has single-handedly changed communication. Forget frequent calls, with 465 million active users on WhatsApp we can fairly assume that a lot of people are texting these days - especially abroad. With my large family (we're spread out across the globe), we created a WhatsApp group where everyone posts photos, funny quotes and nice hellos. And when (and if) they remember how to use their smartphones, our parents even love it.

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