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Better, Not Bitter:
3 Things MamaDurant Can Teach Single Moms

In the aftermath of the inspirational Kevin Durant NBA MVP speech, there have been a slew of articles about his speech and his mom, Wanda Pratt – @MamaDurant on Twitter. I think NBA fans and the country in general have been overdue for a near-perfect display of great character from a talented young athlete. Unfortunately, some recent examples have been a little less than stellar.

In case you haven’t seen the speech, here’s the full video:

Throughout his message Kevin thanks the people who played key roles in his life and his journey to NBA MVP. But of course, as everyone knows there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when late in the speech he honored his mother and her sacrifice to help him become the man he is.

Ms. Pratt has provided 3 lessons for single moms everywhere trying to raise children to be proud of.

3. Faith

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One of the things Kevin references again and again is the fact that he made it to NBA MVP because of all the people who had faith in his ability to succeed, even when he was doubtful himself. The encouragement of others and their faith in him helped him to develop faith in himself. Just because you as a parent aren't sure how you're child will achieve their goals, you need to show extreme faith in their ability to overcome obstacles and succeed. One of my favorite sayings to tell my son during rough times is, "It will all be OK in the end. If it's not OK, then it's not the end."

Have faith in your child and their ability to do anything.

Faith has another aspect. Faith in a being bigger than us. Faith to know this whole thing called life isn't random. That you matter. Your child matters. Everyone matters. Raising a human being with faith in God and a reverence for all he has been blessed with is a beautiful sight. And a benefit to all.

Ms. Pratt’s example and her son’s display of character has made the whole country proud of the man he is and the woman who raised him. She's set the bar high for the rest of trying to raise responsible children with humility a touch of pride and a sense of purpose! She has motivated and inspired me.

What about you?