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Better, Not Bitter:
3 Things MamaDurant Can Teach Single Moms

In the aftermath of the inspirational Kevin Durant NBA MVP speech, there have been a slew of articles about his speech and his mom, Wanda Pratt – @MamaDurant on Twitter. I think NBA fans and the country in general have been overdue for a near-perfect display of great character from a talented young athlete. Unfortunately, some recent examples have been a little less than stellar.

In case you haven’t seen the speech, here’s the full video:

Throughout his message Kevin thanks the people who played key roles in his life and his journey to NBA MVP. But of course, as everyone knows there wasn’t a dry eye in the place when late in the speech he honored his mother and her sacrifice to help him become the man he is.

Ms. Pratt has provided 3 lessons for single moms everywhere trying to raise children to be proud of.

2. Encouragement

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Don't be a dream-crusher. You know those parents who tell their children they can't do something. As Kevin Durant said about his mom, "She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself." Don't hate on your children's goals.

Ms. Pratt also put her time and resources to help her son live his dreams. Waking him up early in the morning for workouts. Suggesting he double the reps for the workouts coaches assigned. Finding a skilled coach and mentor at the local rec center to help guide him. And always being at games and supporting him 100%.

I think the 2014 NBA Mother's Day commercial says it best.