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Ask Rene:
What Is Up With My Husband’s Gift-Giving?

Hi Rene:

I know that nobody will feel sorry for me when I explain my problem, but here goes. My husband is very generous with gifts and he always gets me something for my birthday, holidays, or “just because.” I know that sounds great, but the problem is that I rarely like or use these gifts. One year, he mentioned that he was going to get me a watch. I specifically said that I liked the one I had and I wasn’t interested in a new one. He bought a watch anyway. Another time he asked if I liked tea. He was thinking about buying me a tea gift set. I told him that I don’t like tea enough to appreciate it as a gift. Lo and behold, he bought a tea set. This is driving me crazy. I can’t figure out why my husband does this. Why even bother asking me if he’s going to get what he wants to get anyway?

Your thoughts, please.


Too Many Gifts That Don’t Fit




Hmmmmm.. Where to start on this one. Well you’re right… it doesn’t seem like that big a deal but I’m not married to your husband; you are. And I can see where it might feel to you as if he’s not listening to you. I suspect this is just a case of, “The devil is in the details.” Or at least I hope it is. So here’s what I would do if I were married to the non-attentive gift-giver.

1. Be Specific

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I am a HUGE believer in making things easy and convenient (um, HELLO? Good ENOUGH Mother.. not Good Mother). People are busy, including your husband I’m sure. Help the poor guy out. Find the very thing you want online, print it out and hand it to him. Look him in the eye and tell him you want that EXACT color and model.