fake stampMonday Morning Motivation:
You Cant Fake The Fabulous!

Hey everyone! First of all, happy Monday to those of you who check in each week for Monday Morning Motivation; it’s great to see you here as always. And now a special hello to those of you who’re checking in for the first time because you saw me on The TODAY Show this morning. Take a peek around.. we think you’ll like what you see!

Today’s Monday Morning Motivation is borne of a conversation I had with a friend, Clarissa Hughes, as we were wrapping up filming of  Sweet Retreats in Tampa, FL.

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Clarissa and me; then and now

Clarissa is starting a new venture (it’s a FABULOUS idea for kids and parents. Check it out here) and wanted to get my take on the business, the blog and the business of blogging. So there we sat, talking about the future and reminiscing about the past.

That’s when she said to me, “You can’t fake the fabulous.”

And… BOOM!

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You regular readers know how I feel about the importance of living an authentic life, taking the good, with the bad and the very, VERY ugly.

Clarissa and I have known each other for years, back when I had a regular on-air job (think steady paycheck) and she was recording music. Fast forward a dozen or so years and my, how things have changed.

Over an inexpensive bowl of oatmeal we reminisced about the life that was versus the life that is. First class, fancy lunches, big black cars have given way to coach, economy and the free breakfast at whatever hotel I find myself in.

And that’s okay.. for a couple of reasons.

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First, because I know I am building something and that takes time and money. I need to scrimp and save where I can and that keeps me going when I’m squirreling away my per diem money.

The other (and most important) reason is that this is my reality. I am going to learn and enjoy (GASP!) every, single aspect of it, even the tough parts.

I’ve never been a “Pinterest Parent”, you know those mommies and daddies who think parenting is a contest and the ultimate reflection on them.

I’ve always opted for real and real is sometimes less-than-fabulous. I truly cannot think of a bigger waste of time than trying to convince a bunch of people that you barely know or care about, that all facets of your life rock.

So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation, a reminder… You Can’t Fake The Fabulous! Own and live every part of your reality, even the stuff that sucks. Otherwise you won’t be able to recognize the stuff that really rocks!

And if you have little kids and are looking for a unique gift idea, check out Clarissa’s new venture, KC’s Magic Garden!

What about you? Are you living an authentic life, immersed in the good, the bad AND the very ugly?