Monday Morning Motivation:
The Big Fish Need To Swim Deep.. Here’s Why


Happy Monday everyone!

“The Big Fish Swim Deep.”  My husband, Buff told me that years ago in my days as a local news anchor. The context was this: I had been working in the Dallas market for a couple of years, long enough for people to know who I was. Every week, I was getting requests to emcee events, appear at schools, be the moderator of a panel, come to a career day and so on.  And while those appearances are part and parcel with the job of a news anchor, Buff’s point was that I needed to be more selective.


Because scarcity creates value.

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Frankly, at the time I didn’t get it. But I started to understand a few years later. If you are too easy to get, willing to do anything, it becomes, well for lack of a better term, less “special.” It was less about, “playing hard to get”  and more about controlling the so-called inventory.

This concept was later underscored to me in Seth Godin’s The Dip.

In very round terms, the book is about when you should hang in and power through something and when you should throw in the towel. Godin points out that in a lot of cases, people quit whatever it is they are going after at the wrong time. But if you hang in, letting all those who are going to quit do so, you become one of the few who provides whatever service/product you do, thus creating scarcity. If there are fewer options, you get to pretty much name your price.

Get it?

That same model works with the big fish concept I was just talking about too. Whether others quit or you are just choosey (swimming deep), you create value in your brand that others have to pay for.

Example: I get pitched from people, PR folks, businesses or what-have-you multiple times a day (side note: by multiple, I mean hundreds of times a week).

Press releases clog my inbox, people direct message me on Facebook and Twitter, wanting me to try then write about their product.

Most of those, especially those not inline with the Good Enough Mother brand, I decline.

But I still am very selective about those that do fit within the brand and that sends a message; we have built a quality brand that has value behind it and are not going to give that away for a puppy and a pack of peanuts.

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I see this a lot in the blogging community (and other professions) with too many giving away too much for too little. Then they complain that they’re not making any money. Being a tad bit more selective could very well be the answer. There may be fewer offers, but they will, more than likely come with a bigger payout.

What about you? In your world, in our career, are you swimming deep? Are you being selective about who you choose to work with or are you giving away too much of your personal power?