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Live, Love, Blend:
3 Reasons Blended Parents Need Date Night

Husbands and wives need time alone together. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? “Alone together”… to me it means peaceful and yet comforted.

In a blended family, finding couple time without the kids is not only challenged by hectic schedules, but by the inner turmoil it frequently causes one or both of the parents.

Spending time together means not spending time with the kids. Generally date night falls on a Friday or Saturday. However, if you schedule it on a weekend when the noncustodial kids are visiting, you take away the precious little time they have with their parent. The tendency, then, is to schedule dates on the opposing weekends. But what if you have some kids that live with you full time and some that don’t? If the parents only go out on weekends that the full-time kids are home, do they feel less valued?

This is the struggle we have in our home, and I must admit we often avoid it by not having date nights at all. Who suffers then? Everyone.

Blended family parents need date nights for 3 reasons:

Make Each Other a Priority

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When you’re dating, your date is the priority for the evening. You dress up for each other, smell nice for each other, listen to each other. That should not stop after you’re married. Think about your first marriage. Did you keep dating? In most cases that answer is 'no.' All the more reason to do things differently this time around.