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GEMs Of Beauty: Fill ‘Er Up! 5 Oils For Your Beauty Regimen

bGEMs Of Beauty:
Fill ‘Er Up!
5 Oils For Your Beauty Regimen

You know how everything bad somehow becomes good again over time? Remember when eggs were branded as artery-cloggers and butter was the kiss of death, so people stopped making omelets and turned to trans-fats to cook their faux egg whites instead? Oopsie.  Honestly, if you want to have an egg sandwich for breakfast, be my guest. (Please do not get me started on faux gluten allergies, either!) Fry those eggs in butter or, even better, in a little bit of olive oil, get some crusty whole-grain bread, and enjoy.

The point is that fat and oils are not the enemy. Your brain needs fat for optimal functioning; ditto your cells and your skin; they need fat or you’re going to look like a wrinkly old crone decades before your time. Having well-nourished and plumped-up skin is impossible when you have no body fat—that’s why so many celebs who’ve starved themselves into a size zero turn to injectible fillers instead and end up looking worse than their wax double in Madame Tussaud’s.

So unless your skin is super, super oily (which it likely isn’t, as your teenage acne days have mercifully gone the way of your SATs), don’t think of skin oils as the enemy either.  Washing your skin with oil will not make your skin oilier—it’ll leave it soft and supple. And using oils as moisturizers, especially when your skin is very dry, can help protect your skin and drench it with hydration. Many skin oils are also multi-purpose, so you can use them on your cuticles or lips to keep them smooth, too. Take a look:

Finn & Co Fragrance Oils

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You already know what a perfume junkie I am, and roller ball fragrances are one of my favorite inventions, as their portability means you can always refresh your favorite scent without worrying about the bottle breaking. I adore them even more when oils are used in the application, as they seem to make the scent last a lot longer, and leave your skin soft, too. Meg Spencer knew this when she concocted her divine White Sand (honeysuckle, mandarin, and a hint of salt) and Black Sand (sandalwood, vanilla) fragrance oils, in a base of jojoba and sweet almond oils. They’re even more fab because they react to your own skin’s scent, making them unique to you. “It really represents my duality, and they’re not necessarily a day or night fragrance, but rather a mood fragrance,” Meg explains. “White sand is lighter and cleaner while Black Sand embodies a little more sensuality and mystery.” So if you can’t go to the beach, at least you can feel transported!

Buy them for $42 each at

Remember–oil is your friend (within reason) ! Just as you drink water every day to stay hydrated on the inside, you should be keep your skin hydrated on the outside. Using oil-based products is an ideal way to protect and soothe.

Have you ever used any of these oils? What kind of results did you have?

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