597811And The Winner Of The
Kohl’s Gift Card Is…….


Hey everyone! Thanks for entering our Kohl’s gift card giveaway!

Were you loving the new spring fashions? I know what I’m doing this weekend… beatin’ feet down to my neighborhood Kohl’s to pick up a few items to spruce up my drab winter wardrobe.

I love shopping.

Okay enough of me prattling on.. you’re here for the red food right?

Oh, no?

Of course not.. you’re here to find out who is the BIG WINNER of our $50 Kohl’s gift card.

Rafflecopter did the heavy lifting and chose…..

Mary Falcon!

Congratulations, Mary! Be sure to tweet and tell the world you are the winner. For those of you who entered and did not win, don’t worry; there will be more where that came from so keep checking back!