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Creative Commons/Andy Bennett Photographer

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10 Tips To Battle The Baby Blues

I’ve gone through three pregnancies and I experienced the baby blues only with my first one. I remember being intensely happy at the hospital, but after a day or two at home, BAM! All of a sudden I felt a terrible sense of dread, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, mood swings, and oh, gawd, what was I thinking having a baby? I would cry for no reason and every reason. Most surprising of all—I had no control over the way I was feeling. I couldn’t just pep talk myself out of it. My depression lifted in its own time (two weeks) but there were some things I did to get through it.

If you’ve just had a baby, read on for 10 things you can do to battle the baby blues. Pass this article along to someone you know who might be struggling with a case of the baby blues.


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This is the first tactic for a reason: it’s important! You just spent nine months going through myriad physical, emotional, and hormonal changes. Then, you either squeezed an eight-pound meat loaf through the eye of a needle or had a stranger slice you open and rip out said meat loaf. Okay, so I’m being a tad hyperbolic, but the point is you did a lot of work. It’s called labor for a reason. So when you start giving yourself a hard time because of what you’re feeling, remember that this, too, shall pass and you will come out stronger and better at the end.