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10 From GEM: 10 Tips To Bond With Your Teenager


Creative Commons/chiesADlbeinasco

Creative Commons/chiesADlbeinasco

10 From GEM:
10 Tips To Bond With Your Teenager

I don’t have teenagers yet, but my friends who are in the middle of the minefield called parenting teens always tell me several things about it. First, they encourage me to enjoy my children because it all goes so fast. Then, they tell me that when they look at pictures of that sweet boy in a bunny costume or that precious baby girl sleeping on her daddy’s chest, they can’t believe it’s the same person as the 16-year-old who won’t clean his room or the 14-year-old who speaks in monosyllables to her parents, but talks nonstop to her friends.

Parenting teenagers has its rewards, too, so I asked my friends to share with GEM readers what they do to bond with and build positive relationships with their teenagers. They said there’s a lot of work on the part of the parent and that it isn’t always easy, but that it’s completely worth it when they experience beautiful moments with their teens. Here are 10 ideas you can try to bond with your teenager as explained by the parents. Names have been changed and comments edited for length and clarity.


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My kids always tell me that I talk too much. I lecture all the time, especially when they’ve done something wrong. My sister was at my house when I was yelling about housework that didn’t get done and she told me that I didn’t give my kids a chance to say anything, and when I did,I cut them off to talk some more. It’s hard to change, but I notice that when I lecture less and listen more, my kids have a lot more to say to me. —Tasha



  1. Clarissa

    April 12, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Love all of these-especially number 6! (& Sense of humor)-thank you all for your priceless input as I venture uncontrollably-ever-closer to this area of the gut-wrenching unknown. 😉 (two kids ages 7 & 11)

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