Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.29.11 AMWelcome To The NEW
Good Enough Mother!


Well, well well..

WELCOME! So this is just a quick note to hip you to what you already know; Good Enough Mother got a facelift!

I mean the website, not me.  Not yet anyway.

We’ve been working on this overhaul for a little while now, and I’m happy that we’ve come up with a design that I think is visually appealing while still easy to navigate.

And while we may look different, you’re still going to find the same, compelling content from great contributors that we’ve been delivering for years now.

We’ll still have Life Lessons, Monday Morning Motivation and Survivor Stories, just to name a few. But stay tuned! There will ask be a few additional topics in the coming months!

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I want to thanks Ayanna Black, of who took my gibberish, scatter-brained notes (“I think what I’m saying is I want it to look like it dangles and shines? Do you understand what I mean by that?” Or words to that effect) and turned them into what you see here.

There may be a few bugs to work out over the next couple of days so we appreciate your patience and support but we’ll keep at it until we’re smooth as silk.

And what kind of businesswoman would I be if I didn’t remind you that GEM is a great place to advertise! You can email Susan Pazera who heads our marketing and PR team for more information.

So away we go.. and thanks again!