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Smack In The Middle: 4 Ways My Daughters Blow My Mind

Alexis Walker

Alexis Walker

Smack In The Middle:
4 Ways My Daughters Blow My Mind

Just like all children, my daughters are intelligent and thoughtful in ways I didn’t know were possible. It’s no surprise that I would say that. I’m their mother, so I’m at least a little biased. Though, as one of my cousins often reminds me, my bias doesn’t make those things any less true!

Still, Sophia and Makayla surprise me on an almost daily basis with the things they know. I don’t mean that they’re book smart, although they are that. But that kind of intelligence has its limits because it’s cerebral knowledge. It’s great for playing Jeopardy! or Trivial Pursuit, but not necessarily best for living a creative life. Anyone who has access to Google and/or a library can increase what they know about any subject.

I’m impressed that my daughters have this intuitive intelligence and emotional awareness about life and themselves that I didn’t have at 7- and 4-years-old. They know how to freely express themselves and I hope they never lose that ability.

Although I will talk about each daughter individually, there’s a lot of overlap. In no particular order, these are four of the ways Sophia and Makayla blow my mind every day:

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Alexis Walker

Alexis Walker

Sophia (on the left) is a bit of a fashion plate. Everything she wears has to be just right, and it’s been that way since about the time she turned 3. As you can imagine, she likes things that I don’t like. But, I learned from her that’s perfectly okay, and that, in fact, I don’t need to like what she does because I’m not the one who has to wear it.

A few months ago, Sophia put together a perfectly fine outfit; I just didn’t like the colors she was mixing. I protested. She said, “Mom, this is my style. Please don’t try to change me. I am who I am.”

I received the message and backed off.

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Alexis Walker

Alexis Walker

Sophia has great powers of observation, especially when it comes to me. No matter what she’s engaged in—watching TV, doing homework, playing—she does, on some level, keep an eye on me. This picture that she drew is a good example of what I mean. That’s me sitting at a table with books. The words say, “My mom likes peace to read her books.” I read voraciously. And although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do so, I’ve been known to find a quiet corner to read. I never told Sophia that I like peace and quiet to read. She just sees what I do.

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Alexis Walker

Alexis Walker

When she was 3, Makayla was eating an apple and accidentally swallowed a seed. I told her to be careful because if she kept swallowing seeds, an apple tree might grow in her stomach. I was just teasing, of course, but she didn’t take the bait. She looked me square in the eye and said, “No, Mommy. There’s no soil or sun in there. That’s not going to happen.” Makayla is nobody’s fool.

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Alexis Walker

Alexis Walker

I have a personal policy not to lie to my children—Santa Clause and the tooth fairy notwithstanding. My daughters ask difficult questions, but I do my best to give them age-appropriate answers without lying. It would be easier to lie, but that wouldn’t benefit them.

Recently, Makayla has been asking questions about babies. First, it was, “How do babies get out of the mother’s stomach?” I wasn’t expecting this question from a 4-year-old, so I told her that I would think about how to answer her question and that I’d get back to her. Not only did she come back later and ask the same question, she then wanted to know how babies got in the mother’s stomach in the first place. Oy.

I kept my answer very short and told Makayla all I think she needs to know at this age. The questions haven’t stopped. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable for me, but I really admire that she keeps going until she has answers that make sense for her. That persistence will pay off over her lifetime.

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My kids are not unique in this respect. What are the things your kids do and say that just blow your mind?



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Alexis Trass Walker lives in Gary, Indiana, with her husband and four children. She is managing editor of Good Enough Mother. Read more about Alexis on her blog or follow her on Twitter @LillieBelle5. You can email her at alexisnw16 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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