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Our Story Begins: Three Years Later, From the Beginning (VIDEO)

Three Years, From the Beginning

 Our Story Begins:
Three Years Later, From the Beginning (VIDEO!)

It was three years ago. March 26th, 2011, my wife Andrea Manoucheri passed away. To tell you how unexpected that was: Andrea had a slight cough one day and four days later was on a respirator. March 26th a resistant strain of pneumonia took her.

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From there it was a numbers game. At the age of 22, on March 26th, 1993 – yes, the exact same date – I married that beautiful woman. 18 years later, the marriage contract dissolved in a haze of drug injections, CPR, and gauze bandages. It was a common thing for me to count . . . the days first, then the weeks, and ultimately the months that glacially progressed. Those numbers were indicators, milestones, even distant points we seemingly wouldn’t achieve. We wrote a different story scratching the words on the page as slowly as a monk transcribing the bible by candlelight.

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This is year three. For the record, that’s 36 months; 1095 days. Our video this year we titled From the Beginning. We faced, this 365 days, more lost loved ones than the two previous years combined. But instead of suffering and counting again . . . we’ve started to look at this as a beginning. Not a new beginning, it’s another beginning. So at year three, I present you with what has become our annual video. With my daughter Hannah playing on our song for the first time, we remember my wife, Andrea, but honor where we’re going: From the Beginning.


Dave Manoucheri, Our Story Begins


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