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Monday Morning Motivation: 
5 Signs It’s Time For A (Career) Change


Hello all and happy Monday! Well, Good Enough Mother is hitting the road again today, taping season 3 (yes, 3!) of Sweet Retreats; this time we’re off to the Bluegrass State. That’s right, Kentucky bound! Still, I wanted to check in with today’s Monday Morning Motivation.

Every day, I am thrilled and thankful to be doing what I am. I’m excited when my eyes pop open, ready to take on whatever the day brings and when I’m away from Good Enough Mother for any period of time, I start to get antsy; what did I miss, what are people talking about and on and on.

How about you? No? Well it might be time for a change if….

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Yeah, okay I may not look like this dude on the outside, but it’s how I feel on the inside. There is an unbridled enthusiasm that goes hand-in-hand with what I am doing. The writing, promoting, connecting with people, learning their stories and I hope, in some small way, making their lives easier, is why I do this. Now, don’t be mistaken; I have bad days too, like this morning when I woke up and my computer’s fan was spinning louder than a jet engine turbine, but on the whole, I’m thrilled.

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This is no exaggeration; I learn something new about blogging and/or social media nearly every single day. Most recently I learned how to change some things around on the back end of the site. The feeling of accomplishment was immense; I truly am steering my own ship. Today, I will learn something else. Whatever it is, I’ll be excited to know I figured it out.

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Someone asked me once how many hours I spend working on Good Enough Mother. My answer? All the time. See, I’m always thinking of ways to make Good Enough Mother, the site, the brand, the woman, better. So, when I’m not writing on the laptop, I’m writing in my head. And when I’m not doing either of those, I’m thinking about strategic partnerships. And the fact that there are no rules totally stokes my professional growth.

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I’m sure anyone who’s ever undertaken an entrepreneurial endeavor has ever wondered what it would be like if they chucked it all; truth be told, I have those thoughts too. The difference is I never give them any serious consideration. I’ve come too far, have put too much time, effort and money into this endeavor to let it go now. I will make this a success. Or die trying.

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Sometimes in blogging, much like TV, it’s easy to get side-tracked by numbers. In TV news, it’s ratings and Q-Score (a measure of ones popularity with the audience). In blogging, it’s visitors, Alexa score, Klout score, Twitter and Facebook followers and a whole lot more. I didn’t start Good Enough Mother to dominate the social media space; I started it because I wanted help mothers and others feel better about the job they were doing as parents. Period. All that other stuff is just noise.

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If those things sound like you, the big question is what to do now? You can try to rediscover your passion buy getting back to basics. Get in touch with what you felt when you first started that job. Who are you helping? Where is this leading you? Is there a path to financial success as well as personal fulfillment? If you’re not sure, time to ask; I have found people are more than willing to help if you ask. Stop complaining, understand that everyone works hard and get busy.

Make it work or make a change.

What about you? Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? Does it bring you joy or are you biding your time, waiting for something else to come along?

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(Editor’s Note: This piece first ran on April 1st, 2013)