Monday Morning Motivation:
Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Almost Quit?


How about the time I cried until my eyes were nearly swollen shut?

Or the time I yelled at my husband because the whole thing seemed pointless?

Or the time I was told, “No” by a brand?

Oh, I didn’t?

That’s because all of those things happened too many times for me to count.

I know this is Monday Morning Motivation so I’m supposed to give you something.. well, motivating.

But my husband, Buff, said something to me after reading last week’s Triple M (which you can find here).

“I know you’re having a rough time.. ” (I was on that particular day). ” I know you try to put a positive spin on things.”  (I do). “I think that’s admirable, because honestly when I see people griping on social media about whatever, I just keep it moving. But maybe you should just let your readers know it hasn’t always been so easy.”

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It just so happened that when Buff said what he did, I was having one of “those days”; I hadn’t slept well, I was waiting on an answer from a prospective client, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts and was just….

Ready to quit.

Stress at home, with the kids’ school, worries about kids’ college (far off but close enough) and other financial pressure was just weighing me down.

That Monday was not the first, nor, do I believe will it be the last time I have wondered aloud whether this was all going to work out.

But there are a couple of things that keep me going.


Old wooden frame with written text on an old wall - Believe in yourself

Even before I had kids, I believed in the doctrine of Good Enough. I have always known that perfection is unattainable, even as a student and then a young woman. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t trying my best; it just meant that I wasn’t going to get all kooky crazy if it didn’t happen. That attitude has carried over into my parenting as well. I make mistakes, I screw up, I apologize, I learn, I move on, in that order.

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winners never quit phrase handwritten with white chalk on blackboard

As of today, I am a 51-year-old woman (Yes! Today is my birthday!) who makes her living on camera. Years ago, I worked in TV news. One of my memories about that job was that many decisions that directly impacted me, were things over which I had no control; ratings, my own aging, etc. Every so often, when I long for the steady (somewhat) paycheck and regular work hours, Buff reminds me about how much things have changed in the business. He reminds me that for as uncertain as my path is now, at least I am in control of it versus being a 51-year-old woman looking over her shoulder constantly.

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PAY ATTENTION TO THIS! The times where I have my darkest thoughts about my path, where I’m going, how long it’s taking to get there and any other craziness come when I am PHYSICALLY FATIGUED! In other words, my body controlled my mind. Tired body=tired mind=lack of hope=AGHHHHHH IT’S ALL GOING TO HELL! Do you get me?

So promise me the next time you feel that way, you’ll take a look at your energy gas tank. Are you tired? Are you sick? Are you hydrated? Hungry? If you answer yes to any of these, fix the problem, then revisit your goals.

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I would like to think I’m never going to have dark days again but that’s frankly naive; I know I will. The good news is that I have a lot of practice getting through those tough times and they are getting fewer and farther between!

What about you? How do you navigate those moments of uncertainty?