photodune-2449192-success-xs.jpgMonday Morning Motivation:
Ahhhh… So… THIS Is Success?!

Hey guys and happy Monday!  Are you ready to get it started? I’m on the ground for a minute,  having just returned from a Texas/California swing where I filmed a couple of episodes for Sweet Retreats and an entire season of Exhale on Aspire. Of course, I’ll have more details as we get closer to air dates so watch this space. But while I was on the road, I had something of an epiphany. You see when I travel, I spent copious amounts of time alone, which means I have a chance to think. One day, enjoying an evening meal in San Antonio, it hit me right between the eyes. This is success. Yep. This was it. Plain and simple. There were no bright lights and ringing bells, just a quiet realization that I had accomplished some stuff. Related: Monday Morning Motivation: Are You Brave Enough To Have Courageous Conversations? I guess I was confused in part because I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to look like. Maybe I thought there would a big stage with a spotlight shining down on it. And upon seeing it I would be like:   

That’s not how my epiphany unfolded. Success wasn’t spelled out in block letters, perched on an altar surrounded by scented candles. There was no great flash of light or puff of smoke, telling me THIS IS IT! It was quiet and subtle but there none the less. My success with Good Enough Mother Media, means having a managing editor and a blog coordinator as well as several, TERRIFIC writers contributing content to the site. I host not one but two TV shows, make guest appearances on others and am in the process of creating a few of my own. Related: Monday Morning Motivation: Are You Working Toward A Greater Good? The reason for my confusion? I (mistakenly) thought that once I had arrived at a certain place, I would be able to lift my foot off the gas pedal. Yeah. Um. No. Success, as I have come to realize, is more of a journey, one with a never-ending finish line and one we never give up on. There may be times when the race isn’t quite as frenetic or we’re not breathing nearly as hard but we will will always be in the hunt. At least I will be. What about you? Do you view yourself as a success? Do you know what that looks like in your life? If you’re not there yet, what do you need to do to move you closer to that goal?