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10 From GEM: 10 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine

Creative Commons/QuinnDombrowski

Creative Commons/QuinnDombrowski

10 From GEM:
10 Ways To Be Your Own Valentine

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. It’s far more significant than any one you’ll have with a partner. How you love and value yourself sets the stage for all other relationships. Since Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, you can start by celebrating your love for yourself. You are so lucky to have you! The great thing about celebrating yourself is that you can do it year round with or without a partner. Keep reading for 10 ways to be your own Valentine.

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Creative Commons/Sam on the Cam

Creative Commons/Sam on the Cam

It’s natural to think that romance and love are the same thing, especially on Valentine’s Day. But make no mistake about it—though someone may give you flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean that you are loved and valued. People can be romantic without feeling love.

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Creative Commons/Cake Lady Hinckley

Creative Commons/Cake Lady Hinckley

Indulging yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Take the day to give yourself the best of everything. Have a delectable meal that you will enjoy fully. If you want flowers or chocolates, buy them. Been longing for a spa day? Take advantage of Valentine’s Day deals and specials.

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Creative Commons/davidyuweb

Creative Commons/davidyuweb

Too many of us are busy running from cameras or spending hours trying to get the perfect selfie. Make an appointment for a photo shoot with a professional photographer to get pictures that are natural and put your best face forward. The pictures can be used for business cards, Christmas cards, or your social media profiles. Also, there’s nothing wrong with hanging a photo of yourself in your home.

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Creative Commons/Green Monkey 27

Creative Commons/Green Monkey 27

Even if it feels a little strange to write a letter to yourself, it’s a good way to affirm your love for yourself. If you wrote a love letter to a significant other, you would probably count the ways you love that person. Instead, count the ways you love yourself! Look at the qualities you admire about yourself, the things you do well, and acknowledge your gifts and talents.

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Creative Commons/Alex Skopje

Creative Commons/Alex Skopje

Think of just one thing that is your heart’s desire. Maybe it’s a new job. Maybe it’s a dream trip. Maybe it’s the novel you’ve been waiting to write. Now, go do that thing. It may take some time to accomplish your goal, but it’s an empowering act of self-love to start working today on the thing that is closest to your heart.

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Creative Commons/Werner Bauer

Creative Commons/Werner Bauer

Think of your future self. Who are you? Where do you live? What are you doing for work? What is more powerful about your life in the future than it is now? Knowing where you want to be later will help you make decisions today that will get you there. Think of today’s choices as an investment in your future self.

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Creative Commons/marcocerriciommei

Creative Commons/marcocerriciommei

Of course you have hobbies and interests, but there’s probably something new you can do that you would enjoy. What are the things you loved when you were a kid? What are some things you haven’t done in years? Use these questions as a starting point to discovering something new about yourself.

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Creative Commons/sheridanlee

Creative Commons/sheridanlee

Most times, we are own worst enemy. We will criticize ourselves for every little thing and mercilessly attack ourselves. It’s time to stop the negativity in its tracks. Every time you start going in that direction, consciously replace them with more positive and hopeful thoughts.

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Creative Commons/Jason A. Howie

Creative Commons/Jason A. Howie

Status updates and tweets will fly all over social media that will make you think everybody is with the loves of their lives. Keep things in perspective. What you see on Facebook and Twitter is one snapshot in the photo album of life. Of course, everybody shares all the good stuff and none of the bad! Ignore the carefully edited words and pictures and focus on loving your life.

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Creative Commons/La Fra' Photography

Creative Commons/La Fra’ Photography

Feeling lonely? Nothing will break that “woe is me” feeling like getting out and spreading love and kindness to other people. Volunteer at a senior center. Perhaps you can visit a widow or someone recently divorced who might be having a hard time. Give Valentines cards to people who help make your day, like the barista who always gets your coffee just right. There are hundreds of ways to be kind and loving. Do something for someone else today.

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So, how about you? In what ways are you your own Valentine?

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  1. Beth Bellor

    February 8, 2014 at 4:57 pm

    As women, too often we put ourselves LAST (old story, right?). My gift to myself this year is to go to our regional Burning Man event, 4ish months after my 50th birthday. I told my husband it is NOT his kind of event, and he is A-OK with me enjoying it on my own. NOT that I needed permission, but it is nice to have the blessing, because I DO care what he thinks.

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