The 5 Things I Learned From Being Blogalicious
And What You Can Too!

Good Enough Mother has been quite the jet setter this year, with speeches and appearances from coast to coast. It all started with my “coming out” speech, if you will, to Disney Social Media Moms. Then it was off to She Streams and I wrapped it up this past weekend speaking at Blogalicious. This really was just one more brick in the foundation that is the “Reinvention of Rene” and while I was going there to speak I actually got so much more.



It never ceases to amaze me the numbers of people who treat social media like a four-second TV I.D. “Want better sex? Film at 11” (Well, they wouldn’t be showing film of THAT but you get what I’m saying). Social media is at it’s core, about being social; about talking less and listening more. Good content is key, but so are good manners and part of that is showing an interest in others. And that’s what firecracker Ted Rubin talked about in one of the sessions. Return on Relationships. When you look at your social media behavior, are you listening as much as you’re talking?

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Close up of microphone in concert hall, with audience in background

Okay one of the coolest things was the Brand-Blogger mixer, which  felt a little like speed dating, only everyone was good looking. Basically we had a few minutes to give our “elevator pitch”, you know, who we are, what we do and so on. My friend and PR dynamo Pam Perry captured my pitch on tape.  But the point is, you have to know how to sell yourself in a clear, concise manner. If you don’t know now, get in front of the mirror and learn. Boil it down to a couple of sentences and then ask questions. What are you looking for? How do bloggers pitch you? And so on.

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 render of the text win and a gift

Well, well, well, lookee here. The woman who never wins anything, won something! While at the Brand Blogger mixer, I stuck my card in the bowl for the drawings. I wish I had a dollar for every time I did that and never won. Not this time! I actually won and won BIG. A HUGE basket of hair products courtesy SofnFree! Hey THANKS! The lesson here.. never stop trying!

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PicMonkey Collage

I debated whether to share this with you at all but I think you need to see this because, in a nutshell, it essentially explains why I remained dateless all throughout high school. At the Ubisoft Just Dance 3 party, I tried my hand at dancing. That’s what it was supposed to be anyway.

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 PicMonkey Collage

Hey, we can’t be blogging ALL the time, can we? No, no we cannot.  So that meant parties. Parties, parties and more parties, including soirees from Pine-Sol and Aunt Jemima, which  of course meant “Binner” (At the GEM household we call it Brinner, pancakes for dinner).

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Thanks to the two women who invited me, Stacey Ferguson and Nyasha Smith who are true visionaries with regard to diversity in social media.  I had a blast!


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Editor’s note: This piece originally ran 10/28/2011