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Tales From A Twin Mom: 3 Ways To Seriously Make It A Happy New Year!



Tales From A Twin Mom:
3 Ways To Seriously, Make It A Happy New Year!


The New Year is here! A time to sit back and reflect on all the wonderful milestones that our children-and we as adults, have surpassed. Pat yourselves on the back parents of multiples, because you did it.

If this was your first year as a parent of multiples, I am sure there were many surprises. I do understand some were probably not the best, but if you’re reading this and have multiples crying, fighting or cuddling in the background, it’s safe to say that many were good ones. I am not one to list New Year’s resolutions, as I am a firm believer that you should work on yourself every day of the year. However, here are a couple of resolutions that I believe we should all work on.

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Having a child involves withstanding a hurricane of change; and as parents of multiples, we really do have double (and sometimes triple) the changes. The sleep deprivation can run a toll on you like nothing else. Things you were certain you would never do as a parent are now the norm, and every day as you lay your head on the pillow, your mind races thinking about the list of things that “should have been done.”

Stop. Please, stop. I know it’s hard, and I know that some days are better than others, but stop being so hard on yourself. Whether you stay at home with your children, or work outside the home, you are doing what’s best for YOUR family. As long as your children are loved and happy (well, sometimes mine don’t really end the day happily- but you get the drift), you are doing great. Don’t beat yourself up over not having enough time to get everything done. Don’t worry about the house not being super clean, or not having enough time during the day to sit down and read your children a book. Some days are just harder than others. You need to accept that you only have so much time during the day. Tomorrow is another day. Just do whatever you forgot yesterday on the top of the list tomorrow-or the next day. It will be fine. I promise.

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We all have a friend that has an immaculate house or an amazing lifestyle. We look at their life through social media and wonder how they do it. Here’s the thing-they don’t. Social media is not an honest observation of how people live, or what they’re really doing. More often than not, it is a highlight of their ups-leaving out their downs. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the picture here. Exactly two minutes before this picture was taken my twins were fighting over who was uglier. You heard correctly. Uglier. People post what they want others to believe. Don’t EVER think twice about that. Every family has their own trials and tribulations. Log off that social media page if it’s depressing you and look around. Consider what you could post if you left the “bad” aside. Think about all you DO have and forget about what you don’t. It will make life a little brighter.

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Make time for yourself. I know that sometimes it is easier said than done, but I’m not saying you should book a weekend in the Hamptons. Give yourself that pedicure that you have been longing for. Don’t have the dough for a nail salon? Lock the door and do it yourself! If you can, buy yourself that nice perfume to hide the incessant spit up smell following you around. DO IT! You deserve it. Sometimes you need to treat yourself. No one knows what you go through on a daily basis better than yourself. The little things in life really do make a world of difference. After years of spending day and night in jogging pants, I decided that although I was not going to put on my old suits, I would make an effort to dress myself up a little bit. I said goodbye to bulky and bought some leggings and “chic” sweaters. I even made it a point to put on some makeup in the morning and start my day off as if I was actually going to meet someone. I thought no one would notice until my 7-year-old said “You look so much prettier Mom.” Yes, the little things.. they count.

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I know this is not the usual “Lose weight, stop smoking” list that you are all used to seeing, but let’s try it. Let’s lower the bar for a change and focus on things that are simple and easy to accomplish. What are your thoughts? What would you add to this list?


Julixa Newman, is a published writer/author, and the president of Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City, Julixa founded Stuff 4 Multiples in 2009, shortly after giving birth to twin girls. Her articles about parenting multiples are featured on several parenting websites, as well as in such magazines as Twins and Sixty Second Parent. She is also an entrepreneur who has designed several products geared at making parenting twins easier, including the TwinTrexx twin baby carrier. Her most recent endeavor is Forest Friends: Book About Me, which is the first baby book for LGBT families.

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