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Monday Morning Motivation: Know Your Niche!

Untitled-1Monday Morning Motivation:
Know Your Niche!


Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

I’m waking up in a hotel room in one of the coolest cities in America; Austin, Texas! We just wrapped up a three-day shoot here for Sweet Retreats; I can’t wait to show it to you in a couple of weeks.

What makes Austin so cool? Well, the weather for one thing. I swapped temperatures that were hovering in the 20’s (not to mention the POLAR VORTEX that had been bearing down on the northeast) for more moderate, low to mid-70’s weather. Plus there’s just something really awesome about the laid-back, Austin vibe.

I’m no stranger to Austin; after all I spent a lot of time in my TV career as a local news anchor in Dallas/Fort Worth.  During that time, my mother lived in San Antonio so I was tearing up I-35 quite a bit on visits to see her. But I never really stopped in Austin, so this chance to walk the streets, talk to the locals and really get a feel for what Austin is like, was truly  gift.

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I couldn’t get over  the number of mobile food vendors in the state capital; stands, trucks and carts to be exact. And each one sold a specific thing; hot dogs, pizza, biscuits and gravy, tacos, I mean seriously, any gastric delight you want you could probably find on an Austin street corner.

One of the places I tried (just a little bit) was Gourdough’s where employees in a spruced up Airstream cook made-to-order donuts served with more than 20 different topping combinations or you can come up with your own.

photo 3Me, right before the Funky Monkey

In my post-Funky Monkey sugar coma, I started to realize something. It may not be ground-breaking but Gourdough’s found a niche and they are serving it well. They’re not going after the health-conscious among us, rather a specific crowd who will worry about calories later, which, on one night, was me.

They are staying in their lane and, judging by the lines in front of the Airstream,  probably making a decent amount of money doing it.

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Isn’t that what we should all  be doing?

So here’s your challenge today (and mine too); take a look at your life and career. Are you staying in your lane, focusing on one small thing and doing it well instead of trying to do it all? And the one small thing you are doing, are you doing it well? If not, what need to change?





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