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The GEM Debate: Kate Gosselin: Narcissism Or Setting The Record Straight? (POLL) (VIDEO)

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The GEM Debate:
Kate Gosselin: Narcissism Or Setting The Record Straight? (POLL) (VIDEO)

It’s been a quiet couple of years since we last heard from “Jon and Kate Plus 8” reality star Kate Gosselin. But she and her 13-year-old twin daughters, Cara and Mady, are back, gracing the cover of this week’s People magazine. Yesterday, the trio appeared on the Today show to promote the magazine and the girls refused to answer questions, despite repeated promptings by Kate.

Clearly these girls have a mind of their own. They were supposed to talk about how normal their upbringing really is even with having had the spotlight of reality TV pointed at them. Instead, Cara doesn’t speak at all while Mady spits out answers like “No, you just said it” when Kate tries to make her say how fine the girls are. What resulted was an awkward five-minute segment between the girls, Kate and the interviewer Savannah Guthrie. Take a look at the video:

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Though Kate insists that it was a family decision to do the People interview and appear on the Today show, it feels a little forced. The girls didn’t seem to want to say much. It’s hard to imagine given their upbringing, but they could have been nervous. Mady displayed typical teenage behavior when she got sassy with her mom, which seemed to surprise Kate only in that they were doing a live interview and Mady wasn’t following the script.

For his part, the girls’ father and Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, is angry about the interview. He says that Cara and Mady went silent out of fear. If you watched even a few minutes of their reality show, this is believable given how awful Kate was to Jon. Surely, the kids have been on the receiving end of some of that vitriol. He also says it’s because of Kate’s narcissism and need for attention that she has them back on TV after having been away for two years.

Here’s a news flash for Kate: Just because magazines and TV shows want to interview you and your kids doesn’t mean you have to do it! No matter what they tell you when they call, the media doesn’t care about you or your wonderful children. They care about grabbing the public’s attention. You probably made a little money and you might make a little more when all is said and done. It’s completely understandable that you’d want to. After all, you’re raising a small army. But what is it costing your children? It’s okay if you choose not to allow a nation of strangers to ogle your children, especially if it means that they will reach adulthood relatively unscathed. No matter how much you insist that the kids are all right, it’s hard to believe. I’m sure you love and care for your children, but right now all we can see is how much Kate cares about Kate.

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Are you feeling the need to shower yet? What’s your take on Kate, her twins, and their media appearances? Take the poll and share your thoughts below.

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